Mold vs Indoor Air Quality: Everything You Need to Know

May 4, 2022

How long do mold spores stay in the air after cleaningMold is a widespread fungus that can grow anywhere where there is moisture. If allowed to thrive in our homes, it can aggravate respiratory conditions such as allergies, asthma, and even lead to other, more serious health problems. Understanding how to minimize the risk of a mold infestation is therefore key to protecting your health and belongings.

If your home has already developed a mold infestation, don’t hesitate to call in a mold removal service, especially if you live in Lake Forest or anywhere else in the area. Read on to learn more about how mold affects indoor air quality and what you can do about it. 

Does airing out a house help with mold?

First of all, it is necessary to know that condensation appears in well-closed rooms because it is impossible to remove moisture from the room in which it is located. It will most often appear in less protected places such as the edges of the window. If such conditions last for a long time, the mold will develop. 

When building a new house as well as renovating older ones, it is necessary to follow the construction plan. This will significantly reduce the possibility of condensation and mold on the walls. Otherwise, the facility will be damaged, the quality of housing will be impaired, and serious health problems can be caused.

How to prevent mold?

You can prevent such problems by regularly airing the room 2 to 3 times a day. This is a good start in mold prevention. Any more than that can be applied to rooms where the amount of moisture is increased or don’t have enough sunlight – bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and cellars. 

Pay attention to the proper airing of the room, which includes wide-open windows for a few minutes a day, especially during the heating season. Remember that ventilation of the room is not only necessary during the heating season, but also during warmer days. 

Condensation can also occur in winter with very good window systems, particularly at night. However, this will not happen often if you follow our tips and properly ventilate. Repair and preserve the interior of your home in time and avoid the appearance of fungi and mold.

How long do mold spores stay in the air after cleaning?

Unfortunately, even after you’ve sanitized your home after removal, mold spores will stay in the air for an indefinite period of time. Once mold has developed in your home, it needs only 24 hours to start spreading and a part of it will inevitably stay in the air. 

You can only hope that you’ve brought the levels down to a minimum and maybe try to use an air purifier with a HEPA filter. 

What’s the most dependable and trustworthy mold removal service in Lake Forest?

Does airing out a house help with moldIf nothing’s worked in your battle with mold, it’s time you turn to EMS and prepare for mold removal. Our expert team of skilled professionals will be more than happy to meet your needs and provide the best service, making your home a safe and healthy place to live in. 

While we do our magic, you can spend the day at Wildlife Discovery Center with your friends and family. Contact us today and schedule an appointment!

4 Tips for Getting Rid of Mold in Your House

May 4, 2022

How do I get rid of mold and moisture in my houseDealing with a mold infestation isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Whatever the cause might be, once it appears, it can spread and grow pretty fast. Not only does it look bad, but it can even be potentially harmful if left untreated. Of course, prevention is key, but what should you do if it’s too late for that?

If you live in Lake Forest, scheduling a mold removal service is usually the recommended solution, especially if the infestation has grown across walls, ceilings, and floors. The professional approach will most likely get rid of the problem entirely.

However, you should know what goes into dealing with a problem like this, so we’ve gathered some useful tips that can help you remove mold from your home. Read on.

How do I get rid of mold and moisture in my house?

If you suspect mold has grown in your home, you need to act quickly. Let’s take a look at some of the steps you can take in dealing with a mold infestation in your home. 

Eliminate the affected materials

Remove the cause of the problem – whether it’s a part of the floor, bathroom tiles, or kitchen cabinets, completely removing the affected material is crucial. This way you won’t allow any further growth. Some parts of your home can be trickier to reach and in that case, a professional approach may be the only solution.

Remove drywall if needed

The same goes for drywall. It might sound exaggerated, but drywall isn’t really a sturdy material that will last forever. Don’t hesitate to remove the part that shows even the slightest hint of mold. You’ll easily replace it and won’t have to worry about the problem recurring. 

Clean and disinfect the affected surfaces

Provided that you’ve removed everything you can, you need to clean your house after the removal. Make sure to use the proper solution, for example, grout cleaner for grout mold. In addition, don’t just treat the areas that were directly affected, but every surface around it. 

Remember, mold can grow and spread, so you want to make sure to prevent it by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting both affected and surrounding surfaces.

Control the moisture

Lastly, bringing the level of moisture in your home to a minimum is imperative for battling mold. Properly ventilate your bathroom, and if there’s a window, open it after taking a shower or a bath. Make sure to use the kitchen hood every time you cook in order to absorb the excess steam. 

As for the carpets, use them only where there isn’t much moisture, in bedrooms and living rooms. Opt for rubber or plastic mats in your bathroom and kitchen. 

Where in Lake Forest can I find a reputable mold removal service?

Where in Lake Forest can I find a reputable mold removal serviceIf you notice the faintest sign of mold infestation, start preparing for mold removal ASAP. EMS will provide specialized intervention, leaving your home mold-free and safe. Whether you live near Chicago Botanic Garden, Irvine, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, or anywhere else in the area, our team of skilled professionals will provide remediation and prevent further issues. 

Using cutting-edge technology and HEPA filtration vacuums, your home will be in safe hands and as good as new when we’ve finished. Contact us today and get all the info you need.

3 Downsides of Leaving Mold in Your House

March 31, 2022

What happens if you leave mold in your houseMold is a widespread fungus that can grow anywhere where there is moisture, and that includes many different areas in our homes and workplaces. Due to how resilient it can be, removing it frequently requires booking professional mold remediation services in Lake Forest, CA, and beyond.

But why is this so? Why is this particular fungus so dangerous to people and their belongings? What happens if you let a mold infestation develop at your home? We’ll be answering these questions in the following article. Keep reading to learn more.

What happens if you leave mold in your house?

Beside the fact that untreated mold will multiply as long as there are humid conditions that allow it to, it also carries other risks that affect your home and your health. 3 of the worst side-effects of a mold infestation include:

It can stain furniture

Mold infestations aren’t always limited to walls, ceilings, and floors. Furniture can be affected, too, whether it’s a couch that was positioned against a moldy wall or an old armchair that wasn’t cleaned after you spilled something.

Either way, not only will every part of your home that is affected by mold eventually deteriorate, your furniture can be ruined, too. Stains caused by mold can be extremely difficult to remove. 

It can cause health problems

It’s widely known that a lot of health problems can come from living in a space that has mold. This is especially dangerous for immunocompromised individuals who are already extra-sensitive to environmental factors.

Health problems caused by mold include:

  • Sore throat 
  • Nasal congestion
  • Eye irritation
  • Coughing
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Respiratory infection
  • Weakened immune system
  • Toxic mold disease. This is a condition that can be triggered by a prolonged exposure to black mold. It’s a serious syndrome that has its own side effects, including anxiety, muscle cramping, light sensitivity, confusion, and memory loss. 

Even though some of these problems really are serious, there are a lot of factors that contribute to potential health problems – so make sure to deal with your mold problem as soon as possible. 

​​It can cause an unpleasant smell

The thing about mold is, you don’t even have to see it before you smell it. It has a very distinct odor that is unpleasant, so try air quality testing since it could help specify the problem. This isn’t a sure way of detecting mold, however, if you suspect something based on your smell, act as soon as possible. 

What are the best mold remediation companies in Lake Forest, CA?

What are the best mold remediation companies in Lake Forest, CAEven though there are a lot of factors that can cause mold, identifying what type of mold your home is affected by is the first step. If you wish to prevent mold, start as soon as you can. However, if you live near Baker Ranch Community Park in Lake Forest, or any other location in California – hiring EMS can help fix your mold problem. 

We pride ourselves on our skilled team that aims to make your home a healthy and safe place to live. Our experts are equipped with cutting-edge tools and products that ensure effective mold removal and help prevent further outbreaks in the future. Contact us and learn more about our mold remediation services today.

5 Ways to Prevent Mold in Your Home

March 31, 2022

How can I prevent mold in my houseDiscovering mold in your home is never a good thing. It can cause health problems, damage your property, and make your home unpleasant to live in. Unfortunately, mold frequently appears both indoors and outdoors, finding its way through open doors, windows, and air-conditioning systems.

Another concern is that a lot of materials used in construction support the growth of mold, such as ceiling tiles, cardboard, wood products, wet cellulose materials, and more. It typically appears as a result of moisture buildup and irregular cleaning. 

Luckily, there are ways to rid your house in Lake Forest, CA, of mold. In the following article, experts that offer a mold remediation service will provide 5 tried-and-true ways to keep this fungus out of your home and deal with it once it appears. Read on to learn more.

How can I prevent mold in my house?

Mold can be immensely dangerous to both people and their belongings. Not only is it visually unappealing, but it can also make your walls, floors, and ceilings decay. Last but not least, it can be toxic and cause lung problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and more. The good news is, all of this can be avoided by taking the right steps.

There isn’t just one sure way for preventing mold. So, if you don’t want to know what will happen if you leave mold in your house, read on. Here are 5 things you can do to minimize the risk of mold at your place: 

Make sure to fix any leaks

This is something you should take care of before anything else. Check your walls, roofs, cellar, and plumbing – if there is any leakage, the moisture will be a perfect condition for mold to form in.

Use a dehumidifier or an air conditioner

Keep humidity levels between 30% and 50% at all times. Of course, humidity levels, temperature, and moisture vary depending on the time of the day, so make sure to recheck and adjust. A dehumidifier or A/C can help with this. 

Provide enough ventilation

If you allow air to properly circulate through your home, it can lower the chances of mold appearing. You can start with providing exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom. Additionally, make sure the clothes dryer has outside vents. 

Avoid carpets in bathrooms

Using carpets in rooms that might have a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms and basements might cause mold. Instead, use tiles that are easier to dry and opt for smaller rugs that you’ll wash and dry regularly.

Use mold inhibitors

You can find mold inhibitors at home improvement stores – that’s a great investment for preventing mold. Just add them to your paint before painting the walls and you’re good to go. 

Where in Lake Forest, CA, can I find a trusted mold remediation service?

Where in Lake Forest, CA, can I find a trusted mold remediation serviceIf you are not sure what causes mold, what types of mold there are, and feel intimidated by thinking about how to deal with it – it’s highly recommended that you leave this task to a reputable company like EMS. Our skilled team of professionals will work thoroughly with the intention of making your home a safe, healthy, and mold-free place for you and your family.

You don’t even have to be present while we perform our tasks – you can spend your day with family and pets at Lake Forest Sports Park. Reach out to us today and let us present you with our personalized plan for remediating mold in your home.

Which Environments Does Mold Thrive In?

January 31, 2022

Mold can grow in any type of building, and not only is it aesthetically repulsive, but it can also be harmful. This is why, if you do find signs of mold in your house, you should have the problem immediately addressed by reputable mold remediation companies in the Lake Forest area.

In the following text, we’ll help you stay safe and keep mold out of your living space by discussing some of the key factors that increase the risk of a mold infestation. Keep reading to learn more.

What are the main causes of mold in a house?

Before we start talking about the prevention of mold, we first need to explore the main causes of mold. As every mushroom collector knows, fungi best grow after rainfall. This can give us a pretty good idea what molds and fungi like: damp and wet areas, as well as moderately warm places. They also like to have as little light as possible and enough air flow to spread their spores. 

The key factors that contribute to mold growth include:


This is an indispensable element when it comes to mold growth and this is somewhat well-known, depending on how much you paid attention in biology class. As do we and a plethora of other species, mold also requires water to not only thrive, but also to live and exist. 

If you have mold problems, there is a strong possibility that you had a minor leak around your house. Other than that, condensation from your pipes or windows can also contribute to mold formation.

Mold spores

All fungi depend on spores to spread and the transmission usually happens via air. This is why we should try to ventilate our living and work spaces more so we can keep the mold spores moving and hope that they will not settle.

Air supply

As mold is a living organism, it needs oxygen to be able to survive. It is also spread by air so that is its main method of transportation as we mentioned in the previous paragraph. Therefore, ventilation can be a double-edged sword if not used properly. If we use ventilation to dry out the spaces which are prone to mold, we will reduce the chance of it settling. If we only use ventilation sporadically, we may be helping the mold thrive.

Lack of sunlight

You may be wondering why molds usually target places that aren’t directly exposed to sunlight. This is because ultraviolet light rays are one of the best weapons against it. Another way we can see this is when we look at rocks and trees in nature. The only place mold will grow is on the northern side where there is the smallest amount of sunlight.

Using sunlight is not really applicable in households. However, there are special light bulbs that create UV lighting. This is an interesting method of fighting mold and can be considered a more environmentally friendly method compared to using fungicide and other chemicals.

Are there reputable mold remediation companies in Lake Forest?

Are there reputable mold remediation companies in Lake ForestGiven that mold can be harmful to your health, especially if you leave it unattended, it’s best that you deal with it quickly and effectively. Mold remediation itself is not an easy task, and it’s easiest to be left to professionals.

No matter if you live in Portola Hills or any other part of Lake Forest, we’re the company for you. Here at Emergency Mold Solutions we offer top-quality mold remediation services. Our team consists of licensed specialists who can get rid of mold in your home in no time. Book us today and find out why we’re the best in the mold remediation business.

What Are the Top 3 Types of Household Mold To Look Out For?

January 31, 2022

We all know how annoying mold can be, but not everyone knows all the facts about it. In this post we’ll get you informed on basic mold types and explain why mold remediation is so important. In case your Lake Forest home is in need of mold remediation due to mold growth, be sure to call the professionals to do it for you, in order to have it done efficiently and thoroughly.

What types of mold grow in homes?

Mold is a type of fungus that requires moisture to grow and spread, and can be commonly found in buildings. It can spread easily and can pose a serious health risk for people with respiratory problems, so it’s important to act quickly and get rid of any mold that you find in your home.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we can continue delving deeper into the gist of the story. There are many different types of molds that can grow in your home and we will talk about some of them. However, we first need to classify molds in more general terms. The basic classification of molds is: allergenic, pathogenic, and toxigenic.

  • Allergenic mold can be, just as the name suggests, a cause of allergic reactions. It is the least toxic mold. However, it should not be taken lightly because it can wreak havoc in the walls of your home.
  • Pathogenic mold is much more dangerous as it can trigger more serious illnesses in sensitive patients. If you or any of your family members suffer from chronic or acute conditions, make sure to get rid of this mold as soon as possible.
  • Toxigenic mold is the most dangerous one because it is toxic in and of itself. It creates dangerous toxins which can make a person sick and can even be life-threatening.

Whichever type of mold you have, there is no reason to worry if you discover it on time, as there are certified mold remediation companies out there that can help you get rid of them with ease.

How do I know what kind of mold is in my house?

After the first step of classifying the mold in your home, the next one is to determine which one has infested your home. We will try to list some of them to help you determine the best course of action.


This is one of the most common molds that people usually find in their homes. It usually grows in bathrooms and other areas where condensation may appear. It is allergenic, so it’s relatively low on the “danger scale”. It has a distinct green color with what appears to be small pockets of air in the middle.

Stachybotrys (aka Black mold)

The main perpetrator in the “sick building syndrome”, this mold is toxigenic and can be very dangerous. It usually appears in ventilation systems as that is where moisture mostly travels when we want to expel it from our living or work spaces. 

Make sure to get rid of it as soon as possible. However, it is strongly advised to have this done by the specialists, as it can be a very dangerous task when tackled without the proper equipment.

What types of mold grow in homesTrichoderma

Another one on the toxigenic list, this one appears mostly in damp soil and is also known as the common house mold. It can easily be recognized by its distinct yellow look.

Where in Lake Forest can I find a professional mold remediation company?

If you’ve noticed mold growing in your home and need a reputable mold remediation service to take care of the problem for you, then you’ve come to the right place. We are Emergency Mold Solutions, a certified mold remediation company, and we offer our services to all Lake Forest residents. Contact us today and book our reliable specialists, and enjoy a home as fresh as Aliso Creek.