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Call us before your mold situation gets out of hand

Unless promptly and properly addressed, even a small mold infestation can lead to extensive damage to your home and your family’s health. This is why it is crucial to reach out to experienced mold inspection and remediation professionals as soon as you notice any signs of mold growing in your OC home. Whether your mold problem resulted from a flood or any other humidity issue, you should take swift action to contain the issue and protect your property from further damage.

And that’s not the only reason why you shouldn’t wait too long to contact EMS. Due to the great number of recent natural disasters, OC insurance companies are trying to find ways to cut down on costs and decrease the number of approved water damage claims.

At EMS, we believe that you don’t deserve to be taken advantage of and that is why offer informed insurance claim guidance. If you wish to make sure you get maximum coverage for your water damage and mold infestation issues, make sure to contact us before reaching out to your insurance company. Waste no time – call EMS today.

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