Removing Mold from Your Home: DIY or Not?

September 30, 2021

Does mold have to be removed professionallyFinding mold growths inside your home is a serious cause for concern. Most homeowners are well aware that this issue should be dealt with quickly and thoroughly, before a bigger one arises. However, some people wonder whether they should book professional mold removal services in Orange County, or whether they should take matters into their own hands.

Is it possible to remove mold from your home yourself or should you hire professionals? What are the risks of trying to remove mold yourself? What happens if you don’t remove mold from your home? In the following article, we’ll answer some of these questions and give you some tips on what to do if you find signs of mold in your household. Read on!

Can I remove black mold myself? 

Black mold is notoriously associated with sick building syndrome, and, understandably, it’s one of the most concerning types of mold to find inside your home. The toxic spores it produces significantly affect indoor air quality and can exacerbate symptoms of asthma and allergies if not removed. Improperly removed mold can become a recurring household problem.

Even though you may find numerous guides for DIY black mold removal online, the risks of trying to do it yourself greatly outnumber the benefits. By attempting to go it yourself, you not only risk endangering your health, you may also end up not removing it properly and making the problem even worse.

Here are some of the dangers of DIY mold removal:

  • Health risks: Exposure to mold spores while removing it can cause respiratory irritation,  coughing and sneezing, skin disorders, such as rashes, chronic fatigue and headaches.
  • Spreading the infestation: Mold spores need to be properly contained during removal. If you disturb them, you risk spreading mold into other areas of your home. 
  • Overlooking hidden mold: Mold can be present in hard-to-reach and less visible areas of your home. Even if you are able to remove visible colonies, you risk not detecting them fully, which can lead to further mold spread.

Does mold have to be removed professionally?

Depending on the size of the surface infested with mold and given that you take the right precautions, it’s possible to remove some of the mold yourself. However, even for minor infestations, if you want to be sure the problem is fixed permanently and completely and stay away from health risks, it’s best to hire the pros.

Some of the benefits of professional mold removal are:

  • Professionals are fully equipped to find and remove all mold from your home. They come equipped with sophisticated diagnostic tools to examine your home for hidden mold, analyse the air quality and determine the levels of infestation. They also have professional protection gear, air filters and containment methods which allow you to safely stay home during the removal process.
  • Mold remediation specialists can find and eliminate the source of the infestation. This means they can fix leaks and remove moist and mold-infested materials from your home.
  • Professionals can prevent future mold growth by applying specialized antimicrobial agents and removing the source of the infestation.

Where can I get the most reliable mold removal services in Orange County?

Can I remove black mold myselfIf your home in Corona del Mar or anywhere else across Orange County needs the services of trusted mold removal specialists, Emergency Mold Solutions is the go-to company for you!

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