Cleaning After Mold Removal: 3-Step Guide

June 1, 2022

Discovering mold in your home can cause a lot of stress. This is especially true if you are aware of how much damage it can cause, not only to your property but also to your health. The best you can do to prevent it is to air out the rooms, allowing enough sunlight to get in, and keeping humidity under control.

However, mold can sneak up on you, and once it appears, it can spread pretty fast. In that case, your best option would be to hire mold removal companies if you live in Lake Forest, CA, or elsewhere in the area. The professionals will leave your home mold-free, but do you know how to clean your home after they leave? Read on to find out.

How do I clean my house after mold removal?

The hardest part is behind you – your home is free of mold and now all that’s left is to clean up and get back to your everyday routine. There are several things you should consider: airing out the rooms and letting fresh air in, collecting dirt from the floors and mopping them, and cleaning up your furniture. Let’s see where you need to start.

Leave everything to dry out

The first thing you need to do is make sure everything is properly dried out. Give the treated room at least 24 hours before you get your furniture back in. Remove any standing water and start by vacuuming the debris from the carpets and floors. While doing that, open the windows and let the fresh air in. If possible, leave the windows open as long as the weather allows it.

How long after cleaning mold is it safe

Mop the floors

Now that you vacuumed all of the dust, make sure to thoroughly clean the floors with a proper solution. This way, you won’t worry about any residue that may have fallen from the remediation, and your kids and pets will be able to safely walk and play on the floor.

Clean the furniture and put it back in place

Even though you probably moved your furniture during the removal, you still need to clean it in case some of the mold has spread onto it. Take special care of upholstered and wooden furniture, as it’s can still bear some traces of spores. Once everything’s clean and dry, put it back into place.

How long after cleaning mold is it safe?

It is considered that you should wait at least 24 to 48 hours after mold remediation before you put everything back in place and continue with your usual routine. During this time, clean up following our tips and air out the space. Since air quality can deteriorate due to mold growth, you want to make sure your property as safe and clean as it can be. 

Where can I find the best mold removal companies in Lake Forest, CA

Where can I find the best mold removal companies in Lake Forest, CA?

If you are still not sure how to remove mold and put moisture under control, your best option would be to hire professional removal services. Whether you live near Prairie Wolf Dog Park, or anywhere else in the Lake Forest area, EMS is here to help you deal with your mold problem. Your only job is to prepare your home for remediation and our team of certified professionals will do the rest. 

Using cutting-edge technology, our goal is to provide an unwavering quality service, leaving your home clean, safe, and free of mold. Contact us today for any additional info. Our customer service will schedule your appointment and we will make sure to meet all of your needs.