Top 5 Tips for Hiring a Mold Remediation Company

July 30, 2021

Where can I find the most experienced mold remediation company in Orange CountyMold is a part of the natural environment and can be found both outside and inside people’s homes. Outdoors, they play an important role in the ecosystem due to their ability to decompose organic matter, but indoors they can become an issue. 

If mold forms inside your home, it can damage your property’s structural elements and endanger the health of the occupants. To ensure a complete removal and prevent the infestation from reoccurring, mold should only be removed by experienced professionals.

So how do you find a reliable mold remediation company in Orange County that can remove mold and mildew from your home and fix any damages they have caused? We’re glad you asked, because we have prepared a list of top 5 traits to look for in a mold restoration service. Read on.

What is mold remediation? 

Mold remediation is a process that includes removing mold from the affected areas of your home, getting the humidity levels of the area back to normal, and repairing and replacing damaged structural elements. The total scope of work will vary depending on the extent of the infestation.

Molds require moisture to grow, and the most common underlying cause of their growth in your home are water leaks. In most cases, mold remediation specialists will also be able to repair these leaks.

How do I find a good mold remediation company?

If you notice signs of a mold infestation in your house, it’s of utmost importance that you contact mold remediation specialists immediately. 

When looking for the right company, here’s what you should keep in mind:

1. Look for customer experience testimonials

If you are hiring a mold remediation company for the first time, ask people you trust for recommendations. Ask your friends, family or neighbours to see if they’ve had positive experiences with this type of contractors. 

In case you can’t get first hand recommendations, check for customer testimonials and ratings online, on sites such as Yelp or Google. Visit the company’s official website so you’re aware of exactly what they offer.

2. Make sure technicians are properly insured

All technicians that come into your home should be fully vetted, bonded and insured. This is a key safety precautions that protects you in case an accident happens inside your home. If the company hires any subcontractors, request to see their credentials and insurance as well.

3. Ask for paperwork

Make sure that the full extent of work being done on your home is thoroughly documented. This is to ensure liability for your mold remediation company and help diagnose underlying problems should the infestation return.

4. Ask for industry credentials

When checking for mold remediation credentials, what you should be looking for is an IIRC certification. An IIRC certification ensures that what your mold remediation specialist does is in compliance with the relevant codes and regulations.

5. Demand pricing transparency

The price of mold remediation services cannot be calculated before the impacted area is examined by a specialist. It depends on the extent of the damage and the scope of work that needs to be done. 

However, this does not mean that your mold remediation technician can’t give you a transparent price estimate and inform you in a timely manner if additional costs come up in the process.

How do I find a good mold remediation companyWhere can I find the most experienced mold remediation company in Orange County?

If you are looking for a reputable service that offers all of the above, and can detect, remove and thoroughly remediate mold damage from your home using state-of-the art equipment and methods, Emergency Mold Solutions is the company for you!

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