5 Tips on How to Prepare for a Mold Inspection

November 30, 2021

Orange County mold inspectionMold can sometimes be very noticeable, but most of the time it isn’t visible at all because mold spores are incredibly tiny. As continuous exposure to mold can be harmful to your health, you should make sure that your home is always mold-free, and the best way to be sure that your Orange County home is free of mold is to call a professional mold inspection company that will visit your house and inspect it for any mold presence.

However, before you call mold inspectors, we advise you to first prepare your home for this service, as this will greatly help the inspectors detect any presence of mold within your home. Read on to learn how to do this.

How do you prepare for a mold inspection?

Given how seriously mold can affect your health, you should make sure that your home is really mold-free. It’s important to know that mold inspection and removal are complex tasks, and it’s important to properly prepare for it. In this post we’ll provide you with 5 helpful tips on how to get your home ready for a mold inspection.

Remove clutter

In order for mold inspectors to be able to thoroughly inspect all planned areas for mold, they need clear and unobstructed access to those areas. For this reason, you should remove any obstacles (such as large furniture) that may make it difficult for the inspectors to access the areas that may have mold.

Make sure that access points and entrances to your basement and attic are clear. Also be sure to clear the clutter from places that are usually affected by mold such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Isolate areas that need inspecting

Another important thing to do is to isolate those areas that need inspecting as best as you can. In order to effectively isolate them you should make sure that all your windows and doors are kept shut for at least one day before mold inspectors arrive.

Another helpful thing you can do is to cover your windows and doors so that there’s no risk of drafts spreading mold spores to other areas of your home. Isolating the areas helps greatly, as the air inside won’t get diluted by the outside air, making the inspection less precise.

Turn off the HVAC system and seal off air vents

Mold spreads very easily as mold spores are very light and can be carried all over your home by any air flow. For this reason, it’s very important to turn off all machines that circulate the air in any way. This includes air vents as well. Just like the tip above, it is recommended that you turn off all air circulation machines for at least a day before the inspection.

Don’t clean before mold inspectors arrive

In order to not spread mold spores all around, don’t clean your home at least a day before the inspection. Just as air circulation machines can spread mold spores all around, so too can your vacuum cleaner and your duster. Let the air settle and don’t clean your home so that all sources of mold can be properly found.

Don’t do any construction and landscaping work in or around areas that need inspecting

In order to further improve the accuracy of the inspection, you shouldn’t do construction work at least one day prior to inspection. This is to make sure that the inspection readings are as clear and precise as possible. Any outside landscaping should also be avoided as it disturbs and spreads the natural mold that is present on the ground in open areas such as backyards.

Where in Orange County can I find a reputable mold inspection company?

How do you prepare for a mold inspectionNo matter if you live in Dana Point or any other area in Orange County, if your home is in need of mold inspection we are the company for you. Here at Emergency Mold Solutions we take pride in our highly-skilled and experienced inspectors, and, apart from mold inspection, we also specialize in mold remediation and mold removal.

We also offer 24/7 emergency services, so you can call us at any time if you need urgent action. There’s no better way to protect the health of your family than by having your home inspected for mold by the best professionals in the Orange County area.