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    Comprehensive Mold Inspection Service in Orange County

    At Emergency Mold Solutions, we believe in providing our customers with a completely thorough and detail-oriented mold inspection service. We are a fully bonded and completely insured mold inspection company in Orange County that employs the most qualified mold inspection experts. We also offer a 24/7 emergency response service that ensures we are always there in case you need our services. Our skilled and experienced mold inspectors use cutting-edge tools and equipment to perform an in-depth property inspection. Contact us today and leave all your mold inspection needs to industry leaders at EMS.

    Your go-to mold inspection specialists

    Mold infestation is a serious hazard that can have a detrimental effect on your health. Additionally, it also harms the appearance of your property, reducing its curb appeal and the overall value. However, mold is not always visible and can be hidden, making it harder to detect and remove it. That is why it’s vital to turn to expert mold inspection specialists in Orange County and have your property professionally inspected for mold. Adequate and thorough mold inspection procedure is the first step in ensuring your property is health and mold-free. Emergency Mold Solutions is a reputable locally owned and operated mold inspection company from Orange County, and we are here to provide premium residential and commercial mold inspection services. Our expert mold inspectors will employ all their experience and know-how in conjunction with modern tools and equipment to thoroughly inspect your property for mold. Knowing where the mold is located is an important part of first removing it, and then performing comprehensive mold remediation service to get your property back in its former state.

    Why choose Emergency Mold Solutions?

    • 24/7 emergency service:
      Whenever you need us, we’re there, day or night, rain or shine. We are available to resolve your mold problems throughout the day.
    • Insurance claim negotiation:
      We will maximize your chance of receiving a favorable water damage claim if you first call us before contacting your insurance company.
    • Qualified mold specialists:
      Emergency Mold Solutions employs only experienced and knowledgeable technicians who are fully insured, vetted, and bonded
    • Complete mold inspection:
      Our inspection specialist will assess even the tiniest details of your property to ensure a completely thorough mold inspection.
    • High-end tools and equipment:
      Our technicians use advanced detection tools and equipment to provide a high-level mold inspection service.
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    Our experienced mold inspectors apply proven techniques

    Performing a completely comprehensive mold inspection demands adequate knowledge and ample experience. Not all mold is visible with the naked eye, and some mold is hidden in the most unusual places. That is why proper mold inspection service requires skilled and qualified mold inspectors working with the most modern mold detection tools and equipment. At Emergency Mold Solutions, our expert mold inspectors employ advanced equipment to ensure your residential or commercial property is inspected from top to bottom. Only a detailed mold inspection in Orange County will ensure your property is healthy to work or live in.

    Frequently asked questions

    What does a mold inspector do?+

    The first thing a mold inspector will do when they arrive at your property in Orange County is perform a visual inspection. While this is almost always the beginning phase of a mold inspection, not all mold inspectors employ the same methods when performing their inspections.

    At Emergency Mold Solutions, we strive to perform the most professional mold inspection procedure we can. Our technicians will inspect for mold visually, but they will then also proceed to employ all the tools and technology at their disposal to ensure a thorough mold inspection of your property. Reach out to us today!

    How do you check for mold in a house inspection?+

    Once the visual inspection portion of your Orange County property’s mold inspection is complete, your mold inspector will proceed to implement various tools and equipment necessary for a more thorough inspection.

    While some consider this a part of mold inspection, others like to refer to this part as mold testing. Correct terminology aside, this is when your mold inspector will actually start implementing all the modern technologies at their disposal.

    Here are the most common tools a mold inspector will use when they’re performing mold inspection of your residential or commercial property in Orange County:

    • Moisture meter: This tool comes in invasive and non-invasive variants and it is used for detecting moisture in different structural components.
    • Humidity gauge: This simple, yer invaluable tool, measures the overall level of humidity within a building or a room.
    • Infrared camera or thermal imaging: Wet or damp areas of your property can be detected by using thermal imaging or infrared cameras.
    • Borescope: This camera is used for visualizing potential mold growth inside plumbing pipes and other structural elements.
    • Rotameter: This device measures air flow rate, helping determine whether or not a property is susceptible to mold infestation.

    When should you check for mold?+

    There are six major signs that indicate you should immediately contact expert mold inspection specialists from Emergency Mold Solutions to inspect your commercial or residential property for mold. Here’s what you need to pay attention to:

    • Mold smell: The sniff test is a reliable method of self-detecting potential mold growth.
    • Mold growth: If you see mold in a certain area, chances are there is a lot more of it.
    • Water leaks: Previous or current leaks lead to mold development quicker than you think.
    • Water intrusion: Similar to leaks, water intrusion usually also leads to fast mold growth.
    • Past flooding: Your home will likely develop mold growth if there has been flooding.
    • Health problems: The following health issues can indicate mold infestation:
      • Nausea
      • Tiredness
      • Mental problems
      • Internal organ damage
      • Mucous membrane irritation
      • Hemorrhage
      • Skin inflammation
      • Respiratory problems

    How long does it take to get mold inspection results?+

    Once a qualified mold inspection specialist performs a detailed inspection of your property in Orange County and the area, you will usually have to wait five business days for your mold inspection report to arrive.

    However, at Emergency Mold Solutions, we give it our all to ensure your results are ready as soon as possible. Our experienced and qualified personnel will go above and beyond to send you the results of your mold inspection quickly. Contact us today!

    Who provides detailed mold inspection services near me in Orange County & the area?+

    Contact Emergency Mold Solutions if you’re looking for a reputable provider of dependable and effective mold inspection in the Orange County region. Not only are we the leading mold inspection specialists in OC, but we also offer high-quality mold remediation services in Orange County, as well as efficient mold removal services across OC.

    To us, it matters little if you’re located in the vicinity of Mission San Juan Capistrano, or closer to Heisler Park. We cater to the residents of the entire Orange County, and we make our mold inspection services possible in the entire region. Contact us if you need:

    Do your part in ensuring your property is mold-free and healthy to live or work in by contacting Emergency Mold Solutions. Get in touch with us today!