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    Your Safe Bet: #1 Mold Removal Services in Orange County

    Emergency Mold Solutions has a solution you have been looking for. As one of the leading mold removal companies in Orange County and beyond, we have vast industry experience and expertise and we are ready to deliver efficient restoration and removal services. If you want lasting results and a high standard of service from specialists you can trust, we are ready to deliver.

    No mold can fly under our radar

    To begin with, we will take a close look at and perform in-depth mold inspection of your Orange County home. Our focus will be on all the areas which are typically affected by visible mold, but we will not stop there. Using sophisticated diagnostic tools, we will use a statistically significant sample of air, confirm the presence of dead spores, if any, and determine baseline levels of indoor mold to compare results with other non-infected areas. After that, we will come up with a game plan to resolve the situation as precisely and accurately as possible. Having a mold situation is tricky because of how easily it tends to get out of hand: as long as there is moisture, it will grow and thrive, especially on construction materials. To make matters worse, the problem often goes unnoticed for a long period of time, and by that time, it has already escalated. But that is where your Orange County provider of mold removal services comes in. We will do everything in our power to set you free from mold and its devastating effects and consequences.

    Why choose Emergency Mold Solutions?

    • 24/7 emergency service: Come rain or come shine, we are here to cater to all your needs.
    • Insurance claim negotiation: Concerned about the outcome of your insurance claim? Call us for consultation.
    • Qualified specialists: Insured, bonded and strictly vetted professionals specializing in mold management.
    • Complete inspection: Our process starts with an in-depth on-site inspection of your Orange County property which will give us a clear view of your problem.
    • High-end tools and equipment: Cutting-edge tools and equipment enable us to deliver a higher standard of mold services.
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    Water Damage be Gone!

    So I am not an easy person to deal with admittedly when it comes to anyone being in my house to do work.

    – Trevor Johnson
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    Very Professional

    We had a pipe in our kitchen wall burst at night one day before leaving for a 2 1/2 week vacation.

    – Kathy B.
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    Job Well Done

    Our plumber connected us with Emergency Home Solutions, and I am so glad they did.

    – Barbie N.
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    Prompt & precise mold removal in OC for your peace of mind

    It doesn’t take long for spores to land on moisture and for mold to start to grow and spread. Mold growth is a legitimate concern, and we are ready to step in and help you regain control of the situation. We offer efficient tailored to your property and available 24/7. We are responsive and responsible to our customers and the services we offer delivered promptly and with precision.

    Frequently asked questions

    How do professionals remove mold?+

    Most people assume that removing mold boils down to killing any signs of it in sight. But the problem is more complicated than that and requires a more complex approach. Namely, mold has to be both destroyed and removed within a comprehensive mold remediation process we can conduct anywhere in Orange County. Depending on the extent of damage, the process normally consists of the following steps:

    • Removing water-damaged, infested materials
    • Cleaning and disinfecting walls, furniture, flooring, carpets, artwork, personal belongings, etc.
    • Removing drywall and studs if the damage is extensive
    • Vacuuming with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration

    Is it expensive to remove mold?+

    The costs to remove mold vary depending on the extent and location of the growth. It can spin out of control and cause structural damage to a home, which is the most complex and the most expensive scenario. But at Emergency Mold Solutions, you will get a competitive price for a comprehensive solution, which may be why we are the most in-demand and most efficient mold removal service in Rancho Santa Margarita and across Orange County.

    Is removing mold dangerous?+

    Removing mold entails taking out rotten materials and cleaning the area thoroughly.
    The presence of mold in and of itself is not necessarily a health risk. However, airborne spores are a common allergen. Persons with precarious health, allergy or a respiratory condition may experience mild to severe symptoms as a result of exposure.

    Can mold be completely removed from a house?+

    In our line of work, mold removal is often called remediation. Why?

    Mold remediation is the more accurate term because mold cannot be removed completely if it has already caused serious physical damage to your property. Besides, the situation can be far more complex than meets the eye: visible mold can be a sign of a much more extensive problem.

    The only dependable way to mitigate the nature of this problem is to take action to resolve the issue as promptly as possible. Any serious mold problem must be handled by a professional in removal in Orange County. They have the tools and the technology to bring the situation under control even if the growth has spread into hidden areas.

    We will also recommend steps you can take to prevent future growth and spread by keeping surface moisture and humidity to a minimum. Maintaining better indoor air quality can also help lower the chances of aggressive growth.

    Should you buy a house with mold?+

    It is true that mold can have a negative impact on the appraisal value of a home. That is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you have a tight budget and need a more affordable home. However if you want your future home to be in tip-top condition, schedule an independent appraisal or inspection before making an offer.

    According to some estimates, about 70% of all homes are home to some type of mold. Emergency Mold Solutions has a team of experienced mold removal specialists serving Mission Viejo and other areas across Orange County and will give you our honest professional opinion and recommend a safe course of action.

    How quickly can I get mold removal in Orange County?+

    If you suspect indoor mold, let us know and we will be there for you before you know it. We are here to remove, remediate and mitigate the problem using advanced technology and our knowledge and expertise.

    Efficient mold removal in Aliso Viejo or in-depth removal service in Irvine? Removal of visible mold in Laguna Niguel or a more demanding mold removal project in Lake Forest? Whatever you need, we deliver dependable solutions.

    As the go-to mold removal company in Tustin and the rest of Orange County, we are ready to rise to the challenge. For more details on professional mold removal available anywhere in Orange County, reach out to us today!