5 Telltale Signs You Need Mold Remediation

August 27, 2021

Mold thrives in damp and warm conditions, and if you’ve noticed signs of it developing inside your home, you are definitely not alone. But how can you tell if you can rid your home of must and mildew yourself or whether you need to call one of Orange County’s specialized mold remediation companies?

To answer these questions and help you recognize the signs that your home may be in need of professional mold remediation services, we’ve put together a useful list of guidelines you should follow. Read on!

Telltale-Signs-You-Need-Mold-Remediation-1Is mold remediation really necessary?

If a mold-affected surface is small, it’s possible to fix it using DIY techniques. However, most homeowners lack the tools and knowledge to assess the extent of mold development, locate the source of its spread, and fix the issues themselves. Not to mention that taking up a mold removal task can be health-endangering to an untrained person.

Moreover, mold issues are usually the result of underlying water problems. The only way to know for sure that they won’t reappear is to fix the problem that’s causing them too. That is exactly what mold remediation professionals do and why you should find an experienced mold remediation company to restore your home from this type of damage.

When to call a mold remediation specialist?

If you’re uncertain whether you should call the pros, here’s what should trigger an alarm:

1. When you notice signs of water damage

Water-affected areas of your home, especially hard-to-reach ones, can become ideal thriving grounds for mold if not treated timely and adequately. Professionals can not only rid your home of mold damage, but can also spray potential hotspots with biocides to prevent mold from developing.

2. When you can smell mold

If there are areas of your home where you can smell a musty odor, but you can’t see where it’s coming from, you could be dealing with hidden mold. If this is the case, inspecting the source of the smell should be handed over to the professionals, as you could unknowingly disturb the spores and cause them to spread further into the surrounding areas.

3. When there are visible signs of mold damageWhen-to-call-a-mold-remediation-specialist

Mold most famously takes the form of black or white spots, but it can appear as yellow, blue, green, and even pinkish stains to a surface. So, if you notice any suspicious stains forming on your walls or ceilings, it’s highly likely your home is developing mold and your safest solution is to hire the pros to inspect it.

4. When you or your family members have allergies

Molds are known to trigger adverse allergic reactions in people who inhale them, especially if their immune systems are already compromised. If you notice symptoms like coughing, sneezing and a runny or stuffy nose, that go away once you leave the house, chances are you are suffering from mold-related allergies.

5. When you’ve had mold-related issues before

Unfortunately, mold spores can never be completely removed from a home that’s already had mold problems without fixing the underlying water issue that’s causing them. If you’ve cleaned up mold from your home more than once in the past and the problem reoccurs, it’s probable that there’s a deeper issue that needs to be addressed professionally.

Where can I find one of Orange County’s most reputable mold remediation companies?

If your home in Mission Viejo, or anywhere else across Orange County, needs mold remediation services, you can count on Emergency Mold Solutions to meet all of your needs.

Our vastly experienced mold specialists are at your service 24/7 to inspect your home for mold and water damage, remediate them and deliver the best of results. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!