All You Need to Know About Mold Remediation Pros

July 30, 2021

What is one of the best mold remediation companies in Orange CountyMold infestations commonly occur in parts of your home that are overexposed to moisture. You can typically find traces of mold in places such as your bathroom tiles, shower, kitchen sink and so on. Usually, the affected areas are small and aren’t a reason for concern.

However, if your home has suffered extensive water damage, mold growth can spin out of control, become a health hazard and even affect the structural stability of your home. To deal with this issue safely and effectively, you’ll need to call in the pros.

But what exactly do the specialists who work for mold remediation companies in Orange County do? How do they rid your home of mold damage and eliminate its underlying causes? We’ll be answering these questions in the following article. Keep reading to learn more.

What does a mold remediation specialist do?

If you notice signs of a mold infestation in your home, you should keep in mind that DIY removal methods are ill-advised unless the level to which the infestation has spread is extremely mild.

However, even if that is the case, outsourcing this task to a reputable mold remediation company is by far your safest option. A mold remediation specialist is a trained professional who will take actions to:

Identify the source of mold growth

Mold infestations are usually the result of extensive water damage or malfunctioning plumbing systems. As a homeowner, you sometimes may not be able to find the source of the moisture yourself. Mold removal specialists use industry-specific moisture detection tools to precisely locate where moisture is coming from and resolve the problem at its core.

Prevent mold from developing

If your home has recently been exposed to a water leak, the affected area could become a potential hotspot for mold formation. Even if there are no signs of mold growth, it’s wise to take precautionary steps. Experts can apply antimicrobial agents to prevent the area from developing mold and spreading into the other areas of your home.

Resolve the underlying issue that causes mold

Mold spores can never be completely removed from the inside of your home as they are air-borne and can survive even in dry conditions. However, if these spores come into contact with damp surfaces, they begin to thrive again. So, basically, the only way to efficiently stop mold infestations from coming back is to fix the underlying water issue that’s causing them.

Remove damaged and mold-infested structural elements

Collecting mold-infested drywall and insulation pieces to throw them away can be harmful to your health, as inhaling mold spores can exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms. Luckily, when you hire professional mold remediators, they will also take care of the disposal for you in a safe and effective manner.

Filtrate the air

Mold spores are air-borne and can easily spread into unaffected areas if they come in contact with damp surfaces. To prevent this from happening, mold remediation technicians will clean the entire affected area using vacuums with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters.

What does a mold remediation specialist doWhat is one of the best mold remediation companies in Orange County?

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