Why Not Removing Mold from Your Home is a Bad Idea

October 28, 2021

Can you kill mold without removing itMold has a distinctive, musty smell and usually appears as discoloration in areas it affects. Most homeowners are usually able to identify a mold issue on their own. However, the only way to completely rid your home in Orange County of mold-related issues and protect yourself against its harmful effects, is to hire a licenced mold removal company.

In previous articles, we discussed the risks of DIY mold removal and explained why you shouldn’t stay at home during a professional mold removal. Now we’ll shed some light on what happens if you fail to properly remove mold from your home and how continuing to live in a mold-infested space can negatively affect your health. Read on!

Can you kill mold without removing it? 

Being that mold is a living organism, there’s no question that, with the right biocides, it can be killed. However, biocides commonly used to contain mold do not always kill all of it. Some spores may still survive and become active again if the surfaces are not kept dry. To make matters worse, even dead mold spores that remain on the surfaces can still cause health issues. 

This is why the application of biocides is never a complete substitute for a thorough remediation process. To protect you from hazardous mold exposure and to be able to resolve the mold issue permanently, licenced mold remediators use a combination of different techniques. These include thorough cleaning, containment strategies, the use of biocides, as well as the removal and replacement of mold-affected drywall, insulation and other affected materials.

Can I kill mold on my own?

The internet offers various DIY and non toxic solutions to the mold problem. These usually include spraying it with white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, borax and sometimes even tea tree oil. Some DIY mold remedies recommend using stronger biocides, such as bleach or ammonia, which carry their own set of health risks

However, it’s important to stress out that the above mentioned home solutions are only effective in handling small mold infestations on hard surfaces, such as shower doors, tile or small sections of your wall.

If mold has entered larger areas of your home, penetrated the drywall and insulation and affected systems such as ventilation, air conditioning or heating, it’s strongly recommended that you contact licenced mold remediators ASAP.

What happens if you leave mold in your house?

There are two ways in which an untreated mold issue can backfire:

  • Health risks: Breathing in mold spores can have adverse health effects. They can aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma, and trigger allergic reactions such as blocked, itchy or runny nose, sneezing, itchy throat and watery eyes. A type of mold called Aspergillus can cause sinusitis, coughing, weight loss and chronic pulmonary disease.
  • Structural damage: If your home has suffered water damage, this provides ideal grounds for mold development. However, excessive dampness also invites other types of fungi into your home. One of these is the decay fungi, which causes wood to rot and is especially dangerous if it affects structural wood beams, such as those in your crawlspace or attic.

What happens if you leave mold in your houseWhere in Orange County can I find the most reliable mold removal company?

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