Which Environments Does Mold Thrive In?

January 31, 2022

Mold can grow in any type of building, and not only is it aesthetically repulsive, but it can also be harmful. This is why, if you do find signs of mold in your house, you should have the problem immediately addressed by reputable mold remediation companies in the Lake Forest area.

In the following text, we’ll help you stay safe and keep mold out of your living space by discussing some of the key factors that increase the risk of a mold infestation. Keep reading to learn more.

What are the main causes of mold in a house?

Before we start talking about the prevention of mold, we first need to explore the main causes of mold. As every mushroom collector knows, fungi best grow after rainfall. This can give us a pretty good idea what molds and fungi like: damp and wet areas, as well as moderately warm places. They also like to have as little light as possible and enough air flow to spread their spores. 

The key factors that contribute to mold growth include:


This is an indispensable element when it comes to mold growth and this is somewhat well-known, depending on how much you paid attention in biology class. As do we and a plethora of other species, mold also requires water to not only thrive, but also to live and exist. 

If you have mold problems, there is a strong possibility that you had a minor leak around your house. Other than that, condensation from your pipes or windows can also contribute to mold formation.

Mold spores

All fungi depend on spores to spread and the transmission usually happens via air. This is why we should try to ventilate our living and work spaces more so we can keep the mold spores moving and hope that they will not settle.

Air supply

As mold is a living organism, it needs oxygen to be able to survive. It is also spread by air so that is its main method of transportation as we mentioned in the previous paragraph. Therefore, ventilation can be a double-edged sword if not used properly. If we use ventilation to dry out the spaces which are prone to mold, we will reduce the chance of it settling. If we only use ventilation sporadically, we may be helping the mold thrive.

Lack of sunlight

You may be wondering why molds usually target places that aren’t directly exposed to sunlight. This is because ultraviolet light rays are one of the best weapons against it. Another way we can see this is when we look at rocks and trees in nature. The only place mold will grow is on the northern side where there is the smallest amount of sunlight.

Using sunlight is not really applicable in households. However, there are special light bulbs that create UV lighting. This is an interesting method of fighting mold and can be considered a more environmentally friendly method compared to using fungicide and other chemicals.

Are there reputable mold remediation companies in Lake Forest?

Are there reputable mold remediation companies in Lake ForestGiven that mold can be harmful to your health, especially if you leave it unattended, it’s best that you deal with it quickly and effectively. Mold remediation itself is not an easy task, and it’s easiest to be left to professionals.

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